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2016.04.26'17:34 - Referral Page :

2016.04.19'16:35 - Referral Page : I was searching for some articles about stereo records today and I came across this page on your site:

I noticed that your page linked to this article: Wikipedia Stereophonic Sound

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I recently published a comprehensive article about mono and stereo records that might interest your readers:

I bring it to your attention as you mig

2016.04.15'17:44 - Referral Page : Interesting and useful test file. Two questions: Is the 10 - 200 Hz sweep at constant A-weighted sound level, and how flat is a typical PC response down to 10 Hz?

2016.04.11'21:26 - Referral Page : would be cool to download raw file, i have old c code and i am not sure of my raw file converter it is making 877kb raw files from 87kb wavs... then i have to take ages to try debugs
on a not sure format file

2016.04.07'19:30 - Referral Page : What other headphones on a budget would you suggest?

2016.04.02'22:27 - Referral Page : Hello,

My name is James McCarhty. I am a headphone fan and like your site. I just created a headphone site. It's goal is to become the rotten tomatoes of headphones. It would mean the world if you could like to us. We are a new site.


2016.02.20'17:04 - Referral Page : On the Dynamic Range Series pages, it would help if you explained that the files are 4 seconds long, and consist of TWO repetitions of full-scale noise, each immediately followed by the reduced volume noise. That is, 1 second at full scale, 1 second at (say) -36 dB, then 1 second again at full scale, and 1 second at -36 dB.

2016.02.17'10:37 - Referral Page : we have included a link to this article from our 'no sound on computer' posts on - the URL is if you wish to include this link for your visitors

2016.02.13'17:46 - Referral Page : I want to thank you sincerely for allowing me to download as many of your sound files as you've been an amazing asset to my research. This is a fantastic resource :)

2016.02.11'11:00 - Referral Page : Check out .5db test, the result #6 is positive when you either choose .5db Up or Down.

2016.01.29'14:05 - Referral Page : Great info that's also useful :)

Don't kill me, but I think you might have spelt 'believe' wrong

… in blind listening tests, I beleive.

sorry :)
*runs for cover*

2016.01.14'2:10 - Referral Page : hey

2016.01.07'18:42 - Referral Page : Your ABX blind test is good, but I think you can improve it or reduce the number of trials, if you still offer 3 samples with two of them the same.
But you do not say which is A and B. The listener hears 3 samples a b and c
By this the listerner has three different possibilities to group the two identical samples:
So the probability to choose the right result by chance is only 1/3.
You need fewer trials to get a statistically significant result.
Best regards

2016.01.04'17:31 - Referral Page : Dear Sirs: Are your White Noises, Gaussian? Thank you in advance. Alejandro

2016.01.03'16:02 - Referral Page : love it

2015.12.04'11:42 - Referral Page : Just wanted to say that I think your site is awesomely informative and extremely helpful !! Fantastic job !!

2015.11.29'17:46 - Referral Page : Greetings,

I’ve used, and borrowed, the resources on your website a number of times before, but never bothered to express my appreciation for your efforts to make them available. I couldn’t find a “donation” link, so I’d like to thank you for the invaluable tools you’ve made conveniently accessible for non-audiophiles like me.

George Harnett

2015.11.29'17:28 - Referral Page : i can hear the ten hrtz very well in my ulf supporting headphones,

can u makea test tract that goes down to slf?

i want to see if i and my headphones can detect frequencies sustained longer than 700 ms for each 'cent' below 2 hrtz.

be warned your ears may consider the sound dangerous and commit you to a siezure.

2015.11.18'22:27 - Referral Page : Hi there,

I hope this email finds you well. I'm a writer for, and I just wanted to let you that I've referenced your site as part of our Beginner's Guide to Ear Training, which was recently published on our blog (

I noticed you have a few external links at the bottom of your pages... would our guide be a good fit to include there?Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Suzy St. George

2015.11.13'11:57 - Referral Page : In the Stereo Polarity test, the rumble and 75Hz tests show that my speakers are out of phase however the guitar test shows they are in phase i.e. the sound appears in front of me and not in my head. Any explanation? P.S. I know my polarity is correct.

"In Your Head" applies to headphones' use only. Maybe your phase is actually wrong. Are you really sure it isn't?

2015.11.13'8:39 - Referral Page : Thanks for the service.

2015.11.12'17:31 - Referral Page : I think some examples about different sampling rates, with aliasing and without aliasing can be useful in education. Maybe different anti-alias filters can be used to compare them.

2015.11.12'17:28 - Referral Page : I think some examples about quantization (from 1 to 24 bits) without no dither, with dither and with noise shaping can be useful in education.

2015.11.12'17:25 - Referral Page : I think some sounds for RT 60 Tests can be useful (Gunshot, globe explosion, ...)

2015.11.11'13:10 - Referral Page : If this is a proclamation against lousness-war, cool. If not, I would suggest using some less distorted acoustic recording and wave files instead of 192kB mp3s :) Cheers from Berlin

2015.11.09'22:22 - Referral Page : Hovering over the buttons reveals the answer in their filenames ;)

2015.11.09'19:48 - Referral Page : You mistyped Young twice as Yong

Corrected, twice. Thanks!

2015.11.09'19:13 - Referral Page : The 16bit vs 8bit test has a simple "cheat": Listen for the SNR and more importantly the noise at the fade out. I noticed that difference when doing the initial non-blind listens, then focused only on that. I perfectly understand that that noise results from the low DR and the dithering. I suggest to drastically shorten the fade-out to remove that very obvious clue. I still was able to tell them apart within the first second or so (by the SNR alone),

2015.11.04'0:53 - Referral Page : Thanks for the awesome site. You should put a donate button on here.

2015.10.28'12:52 - Referral Page : I don't perceive any variation. I'm sooooo deaf xD

2015.10.17'8:32 - Referral Page : For the new "perceptual sine sweep", could you re-release it with the "announcer voice" that indicates what frequency is currently playing? Alternatively, could you release it as a set of multiple files that get across the various frequencies? The idea is that one could use the perceived loudness to get a rough estimate EQ applied without needing to resort to complex measurement tools.

2015.09.26'3:10 - Referral Page : Nice. I really like it.

2015.09.21'12:49 - Referral Page : Not much valid feedback or suggestion. I'm just a newbie and just want to say thank you for the educational info. You guys are awesome.

2015.09.03'19:32 - Referral Page : Could you do a 16 vs 24 bit?

Difficult on a browser, I think.

2015.08.19'22:40 - Referral Page : mp3 is not suitable for these tests. 8 bits are not 8 bits.

8 bits converted into 1024 bits will still be 8 bits, my friend.

2015.08.17'19:26 - Referral Page : The binaural was absolutely mind boggling on my HD668B's although my samsung stock headphones didn't give quite an effect

2015.07.26'5:41 - Referral Page : Coool! the door test make me cry of joy :)

2015.07.06'21:14 - Referral Page : I was just testing my new headphone without actually reading the details of every test. Then I reached binaural test, I still do not read the descriptions, clicked on the play button, there's a window on my right and a wooden door on my left, damn when I played the sound, it sounded just like real and I thought someone was knocking on my window the first time, its 2 AM and who could've climbed up on my window was what I thought at first, and then to my left the door. it scared the shit

2015.07.01'23:11 - Referral Page : Any chance we can locate more of the binaural recorded demos like your amazing "thump" sound file. We'd love to hear more!

2015.06.27'14:45 - Referral Page : The wav version of the files on this page is corrupted. The mp3 version is ok. And thank you for a very brilliant website!

Can't find wich of the wav file is corrupted. Everything looks fine here.

2015.06.25'18:03 - Referral Page : Hi! Is there general results of everyone passing the tests? Could be fun to see where you sit ;) Cheers !

2015.06.25'2:06 - Referral Page : Is this for realsies? Apparently I have perfect pitch but I don't believe you

2015.06.23'7:06 - Referral Page : Well, Thanks guys. I'll sure use this page to test which one of my headphones is the left/right one. Also, The HZ thing was interesting. I guess my headphones are perfect at making high pitched sounds, not so perfect at making low pitched ones. Thanks!

2015.06.16'21:09 - Referral Page : Great page! Thanks a bunch.

2015.06.09'0:22 - Referral Page : I scored 10/10. Piece of cake. You can clearly hear a hiss at the end of the track.

2015.06.02'21:13 - Referral Page : How can this be accurate when there is no control on the computers volume?

Just read that page again, and you will find out. It is explained.

2015.05.24'1:31 - Referral Page : In your Left / Right (Stereo) Sound Test. My laptop, if I try left, sends sound by left and right (less volume), it is error driver? Thanks in advance.

Nothing wrong with my test. So, it must be your laptop or driver, indeed.

2015.05.22'2:43 - Referral Page : Section the download links for +1db & +3db are not working.

Fixed! Thanks.

2015.04.25'5:53 - Referral Page : Would like to see how these compare to your other reviews : Earasers Musicians Plugs

2015.04.17'4:04 - Referral Page : I really love but was very disturbed to see such a sexist image on this page. Headphones on boobs? Very very disappointing. Women use this site, too. Not cool.

Sorry about that. I thought it was cool. Is there anything sexist in saying that I love both headphones, and boobs? ;-)

2015.04.14'19:10 - Referral Page : In the audiobook community there is great debate of which sounds better, 32kbps@22kHz or 64kbps@22kHz. These are human speech recording. I want to know the real world truth.

64kbps will definitely sound better, but the improvement in sound quality may not be worth the double bandwidth, if you are using regular build-in speakers, or if you are driving in your car.

2015.04.10'6:53 - Referral Page : Great tutorial! I tested my custom one pro's and they sound great! The knocking on the door almost scared me it was so real. I actually looked over my shoulder...

2015.04.04'23:23 - Referral Page : I turned on the binaural test and thought my roommate was banging on the wall. Very Nice.

2015.04.04'18:29 - Referral Page : So do you hear the difference between mp3's and non compressed formats? Mp3's and AAC suck. They work in a pinch for a quick reference mix but are not what our ears and brain are capable of and less so in moving me musically. If you ever have the chance to sit in a real room made to listen to music and you have the correct source you can hear the obviouse diff between bit depth/and sample rate. It must start at the highest for the source then dithered down. edm suffers the least btw, go figure

"Mp3's and AAC suck". Sometimes, music sucks, my hearing sucks... and my visitors suck. :D

2015.04.04'18:19 - Referral Page : Interesting. You have a website dedicated to tools to help you test equipment in audio but seem like you don't actually work in audio. If you did you would get proper 24/16/8 or single bit. As a recording engineer of almost 30 years I have come across a few people that the population calls "tone deaf" and in fact scientists claim that it takes roughly 30% more brain power to listen to something vs watching it. As the dumming down of society continues so are the things that keep our attention spa

You post a message about who I do not seem to be, but haven't actually looked at my profile. Interesting ;-)

2015.04.04'18:12 - Referral Page : Hey
Just wanted to let you know I gave you a shout-out on Top Headphones Sites list. If you want to check out your blurb, here’s the link: Top Headphones Sites. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know your site is awesome, especially the tests of course :P Thanks! :)”

2015.04.03'15:05 - Referral Page : where do see results"?

No result to be seen... you do it by ear. If you want to see a printout, please have a look at

2015.03.24'15:41 - Referral Page : May be this question seems to be alittle bizarr but is there a way to get the min and max frequency for a pink noise ? (i mean extract them from the .wav file). Does that even has a meaning ?

Infinite. In practise, limited by the half of the sample rate (e.g. 22kHz for a 44.1kHz audio file)

2015.03.05'9:23 - Referral Page : There are definitely onset and offset clicks on these trials. Even though you are using full spectrum and low pass filtering at 12 kHz, you still need cosine squared onset/offset ramps that are at least 5-10 ms long. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

A 25 ms ramp was already present. You may not know, but I am a doctor too... ;-)

2015.03.02'23:38 - Referral Page : The binaural test scared the hell out of me! LOL! I thought someone was knocking on the window next to me.

2015.03.02'11:10 - Referral Page : In the link to Google Groups discussion, for HTML validity, please properly represent ampersands using the HTML entity and not just the bare "&" character. Also, please remove the hl=fr parameter, because it causes the Google Groups UI to be presented in French. Maybe there are other irrelevant parameters.

Thanks! (now fixed)

2015.03.02'10:32 - Referral Page : The link to Pono Music is broken

Thanks! (now fixed)

2015.03.01'13:26 - Referral Page : OK, retested with wav files using a third-party tool. 10 correct answers out of 16, so failed (p-value is 0.22). But at least now I know that I failed because I don't hear the dither with this loud background which masks it, and not because the codec eliminated the difference being tested.

Thanks for coming back with this interesting result. Glad to read you didn't trap into believing that achieving 10/16 was a success ;-)

2015.03.01'12:50 - Referral Page : I have not passed the test with MP3s, and did not try with wav files. However, the point is: you know that I should not have passed a properly arranged test. The psychoacoustical model in the MP3 encoder also knows this and thus has a perfect right to encode the files (in the worst case) to something identical or to something where the (still insignificant) difference is not related to what we want to test (which is what happened here). That's why I have the right to argue.

You are totally right. (Now I understand your point)

2015.03.01'0:53 - Referral Page : Can any of these sounds break my speakers?

As long as you keep the levels to normal usage levels, there won't be any problem.

2015.02.28'18:30 - Referral Page : To add to my previous comment, I have downloaded mp3 files, decoded to wav and subtracted. The difference does not sound like dithering noise - so the test IS invalid. Please use flac.js or a similar lossless tool for in-browser playback.

Did you pass the blind test or not. Because, if you didn't pass it... (like most of the people) - it does not make sense to argue ;-) Flac.js is the way to go... once all browsers support the Web Audio API. Right now, IE is still lagging behind...

2015.02.28'18:17 - Referral Page : I think that it may be unfair to end the test with a low-level noise. At the end of the sound file, there is a direct chance to compare it to the room noise, and I am not sure whether this is wanted.

Exactly my point: at the end, it is the room noise that is the problem, not the "reduced" dynamic range of a 16-bit file!

2015.02.28'17:35 - Referral Page : I have noticed that you are offering the test sound files as MP3s for in-browser playback. Unfortunately, this needs at least a comment, because the test is questionable then. Any encoder that is based on a sane psychoacoustical model will, if the bitrate is insufficient, remove what it considers to be noise. And this may mean removal of the quantization noise that is present in properly dithered 8-bit wav files. Of course, you have a counterexample on your other test page.

You can always download the .wav files, by clicking the little downwards arrows.

2015.02.24'0:56 - Referral Page : Playing binaural test sleepy alone in your house is not a good idea :)

2015.02.13'10:06 - Referral Page : I like this, is makes my iPad vibrate :D

2015.01.22'14:29 - Referral Page : I made a comment yesterday about jazz/rock. I re-read the article today and the realized I missed the irony part (read too fast). Maybe put the irony word in red?

2015.01.21'3:29 - Referral Page : The Neil Young sample is not the best to show 8 vs 16 bits difference. The difference is very easy to hear with high dynamic jazz music, but very hard to hear with distorted rock guitar.

2015.01.17'13:02 - Referral Page : It helped me determine how good my Panasonic
RP-HTX7 headphones are really good, i think it can be another reccomendation as i got mine for 2 dollars, closed, with no rattling

2015.01.15'13:55 - Referral Page : Thanks for these tests. I actually did this only after buying a new headphones, the Sennheiser HD-280. I've noticed that they play very well at all frequencies. What I did notice tho, is that my left ear isn't quite as sharp as my right one...but now I know that, too! Thanks again! :)

2015.01.13'8:57 - Referral Page : Both of the sample files I downloaded have the exact same file size and wave form in Foobar. Isn't the 16bit supposed to be a bigger file?

The 16-bit wav file is indeed twice bigger than the 8-bit file (1.4MB v/s 700kB). Please check again.

2015.01.05'3:16 - Referral Page : You should make The Test be BEFORE the "answer key"... I clicked the audio links in the "files being tested" section too fast in a row and Firefox crashed. Otherwise nice test.

2015.01.04'6:21 - Referral Page : Great resource for musical earplug reviews! Please review the Etymotic "Ety Plugs"

2015.01.01'12:14 - Referral Page : Thanks a lot. Here is a small typo in "Personal Recommendation(s)" section: "They will also offer you the geatest", it should be "gReatest" indeed.

Now corrected. Thanks!

2014.12.16'12:56 - Referral Page : Not all of your tones are available as .wav files. That sucks

Life sucks too, sometimes.

2014.11.18'22:57 - Referral Page : Awesome stuff! The Binaural test freaked me out

2014.11.13'11:36 - Referral Page : ur gay haha

Will keep this one. It gives insights about the human nature. It also confirms the theory of evolution: we all came from the big apes. Some of us are still stucked in early stages of this evolution, or maybe even evolved from a jellyfish lifeform.

2014.10.30'11:50 - Referral Page : I stopped the test because you can see the testfile on the bottom of firefox, that is played. Besides that my correct hits so far were about the percentage of pure guessing

2014.10.27'1:34 - Referral Page : Right before the voice calls out 100, the frequency spreads to the opposite side (from either channel). how do i fix that?

Hard to tell without information about your setup and room.

2014.10.27'1:31 - Referral Page : You are the best audio guy i've ever seen, just wanted to say that. :) Keep updating your page..

2014.10.16'18:45 - Referral Page : The link preview shows what sound I'm playing, this probably influences results unconsciously.

2014.10.11'8:06 - Referral Page : more binaural samples :)

2014.10.06'21:35 - Referral Page : Binaural test made me jumped out from my chair.... its amazing... superb quality... Wonderful job!!

2014.10.06'16:05 - Referral Page : It'd be nice to see which notes you got correct, as opposed to just a number.

2014.09.08'18:21 - Referral Page : Hallo, I'm an amateur sax player with a tinnitus ans am looking for hearing protection that is basically a low pass. Any recommendation you can give me? Thanks, Jan

Most hearing protections act like low-pass filters, because high frequencies are easily blocked, unlike the lower frequencies (wavelength at 20Hz is around 20m). Just choose one that has 12dB NRR, it should be sufficient in your scenario.

2014.08.27'14:42 - Referral Page : Couldnt really hear any sonic differencies in these files 8bit vs 16bit. I managed to get full score though by focusing on clicks and pops (probably some nasty overs). My first request is fix the audio files to be pop and click free. My second suggestion is... Change the audio to Rockin in the free world by Neil Pono Young. Wouldnt that be hilarious?

Excellent! Here it is: 8bit vs 16bit, continued.

2014.08.03'4:47 - Referral Page : Hi, Could you please publish app with test sounds to android? If you want I can work on that... These are really handy to test headphones on the go..

2014.07.26'5:36 - Referral Page : These test files helped me set up my Beomaster 5000 which had unlabeled speaker wires and proprietary connections. Now the speakers are in-phase and working perfectly!

2014.07.19'19:10 - Referral Page : Thanks for the useful web site. Very good!

2014.06.26'2:06 - Referral Page : When you hover over the Play buttons on the test the link preview tells you what note it will play. You should rename the files to "Note 1", "Note 2", etc. or change the HTML so that the link preview shows something else.

I know, I know... but it also serves as a control... So, try not looking at the names, or glue a post-it on your screen, in order to mask the culprit text area ;-)

2014.06.24'20:56 - Referral Page : Just got the Audio technica ATH-M20x's for 50 bucks. Love em.

2014.06.24'20:50 - Referral Page : To Stéphane Pigeon, founder of
Why is the 'audio engineer' always referred to as a male throughout your website and articles? People of the audio industry would cite your work for scholarly papers and wouldn't mind just giving you and your writing a chance had you properly referred the audio engineer as a 'he or she'. I'm male by the way. What a shame to see this.

Shame on me!

2014.06.16'6:17 - Referral Page : The 16 bit and 8 bit test is hoax. I downloaded your two files by right clicking and saving it. The file sizes are the same which means that they both are identical. Please Don't try to mislead people.

Always a pleasure to work hard, and get comment like yours. You can use the download link, which will get you a 8-bit and a 16-bit .wav files. But you downloaded the mp3 files instead, and what you saw is the encoder encoding 8-bit samples with a 16-bit precision. That's it. No hoax, no misleading. Only paranoid users, sometimes.

2014.06.13'22:36 - Referral Page : I know, I can distinct 16 bit from 8 only in some rare circumstances, though, it is very loud music you have chosen to test. Maybe you would like to add a few other music and\or sound samples? Thank you!

As stated in the first paragraph, the goal of this test is to raise the awareness of what has happened to our music dynamic range lately. To hear what lower bit-depth does on another signal, please go to our Dynamic Range, Dithering and Noise Shaping test.

2014.06.10'22:14 - Referral Page : I really don't get any of this, starting with the hand-rubbing business.

Then, have a look at online hearing test: It is based on the same concepts, with more exaplanations.

2014.05.27'14:51 - Referral Page : Hello! Your website is incredibly fascinating and helpful, but I need clarification on one point... The sawtooth page states that a saw tooth is made of a fundamental sine wave (eg 100hz) and then all the harmonics to infinity . It then states a list of odd numbered harmonics (300Hz, 500Hz, 700Hz, ...). It seems like an error because the Square wave is comprised of a fundamental and then odd numbered harmonics, and is stated in pretty much the same way on the Square wave page..

Thanks for pointing this out to me. It is a mistake, indeed. Actually, it is a lazy copy-and-paste from one page to the other. Now corrected!

2014.05.17'10:20 - Referral Page : Thank you very much for this site! It helped me compare my FT 990 Pro vs my old Logitech G930 ... and test my ears as well (as far that's possible with those headphones. Fun fact: my tinitus went away for some time after hearing certain frequencies... Cheers form Germany. //Christoph

2014.04.22'0:12 - Referral Page : Hi there - Just wanted to let you know that I developed some ABX/Shootout software that you might want to check out. Thanks for your site! -Casey

2014.04.19'5:03 - Referral Page : Dr. Pigeon,
I've just stumbled onto this fantastic website. As a physics student and musician, all this information is fascinating to me and it is so nice to have it all in one place. I have enjoyed testing my hearing and speakers. Thank you so much for making this great resource available.

My pleasure!

2014.04.16'22:46 - Referral Page : Having toyed a bit with making speaker cabinets, man I wish I had this stuff back in the 80's Thieles equations are not enough. Sometimes you need to "hear" it. I did find out that I had an okay sound card however. Good tools to have...

2014.04.05'16:39 - Referral Page : cool

2014.03.31'1:45 - Referral Page : FEEL THAT BASS. It feels like a massage as its playing on my back

... as long as you do not hit the brown note ...

2014.03.30'16:38 - Referral Page : some of the test only do one side of the headphone is that correct? xD

The L/R test? Obviously, yes indeed :D

2014.03.27'20:21 - Referral Page : Now available in the North America from Twisted Throttle here:

2014.03.13'13:13 - Referral Page : love the blind test, but i feel there needs to be at least 2 or 3 different styles of music represented. Highly compressed pop music is not the best way to test this. I would select a classical piece, and maybe a jazz or folk song that has more sparse instrumentation.

As stated on the page, it is just to highlight what happened to the pop music lately. Of couse, with other music styles, the difference would be obvious! No doubt about it.

2014.03.12'18:45 - Referral Page : Hello, could you make something similar to 'virtual barber shop' on YouTube? I'd love to see what you guys come up with! Toby.

This is one thing that has been always on my mind, because I indeed think that recording is outdated. I intend to do it for my other website,

2014.03.07'19:37 - Referral Page : I love this page, but it bothers me that people can view the page source and look at the audio file names to cheat. Anyway you could rename them to hide what they are? Instead of gangnam8.wav and gangnam16.wav, how about calling them gangnamA.wav and gangnamB.wav?

2014.03.06'20:59 - Referral Page : It seems the "15-minute white noise track" file is misarranged. It's actually a pink noise. Please check.

I checked... and... damned, you are right!!! Now corrected. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I wonder how this happened...

2014.03.05'22:09 - Referral Page : Absolutely a wonderful site you have created! From the content to the layout, it is great. You have helped me confirm a diagnose of my faulty tweeter. Donation page? Thanks!

You're welcome! Thanks!

2014.02.14'9:09 - Referral Page : Thanks for the awesome site. I really enjoyed the ABX tests. My older ears aren't too bad!

2014.02.11'14:45 - Referral Page : Audiocheck is a great site for education and test. For perceptive audio system testing at home I have allways missed the following: A grey-noise generator with 1/3 octave selectable filters. Default is all filters active = Silence. Press 1 KHz band and e.g. 160 Hz band alternately to compare percieved level. Make a note and continue with other bands, still comparing with 1 KHz band alternately. Such test/generator will provide much better judgement of in-room audio system response than swept sine waves, due to distribution of discrete tones and standing waves. We can call it the Rasmussen test :-). But long ago CBS made a record: "7 steps to better listening"... they knew what they were doing, too bad Sony quenched them.

Give me some time, and it will be implemented! Great idea. And I love grey noise too!

2014.02.08'19:51 - Referral Page : Love to tease my cat with high pitched sounds

2014.02.05'15:46 - Referral Page : I can hear 10hz perfectly clear. Is that normal or do i have really good hearing?

2014.02.05'15:41 - Referral Page : Hi umm my head phones can play this and i can hear 16hz tones... im not joking.

2014.01.28'21:15 - Referral Page : Excellent site. I will be using these files with my students in a project class on the future of HD audio

2014.01.23'14:45 - Referral Page : 10/10... but you might like to fix the way the preview of the filename appears in the bottom line of browsers. I didn't even have to listen to score correctly.

Just don't look at the spoilers, and play the game. The goal is not to mark 10/10 but test your real skills. Here, you just tested your ability to cheat. And yes, you scored 10/10 on this one! ;-) Fixing it, would require profound changes in the code. And actually, I find it nice that people can access the ground truth too, should you doubt about the validity of my script when computing the results.

2014.01.22'7:43 - Referral Page : many frequencies of your sound files are missing - it would be handy to be able to access 1.5k, 3k, 5k, 6k, 7k (1.5 and 3k were used in my last audiometric test and 8k I just can't hear at all, I'd like to test my limit between 4k and 8k tones)

I will think about it, for a next update. Probably for

2014.01.22'7:38 - Referral Page : I can't hear any of the mosquito sounds. I need a visual indicator of when the sound stops and starts. The colours of the arrow/squares changes, but which colours is start and stop?

Arrow pointing to the bottom (and red background) = start

2014.01.05'17:25 - Referral Page : I was a little thrown off by this test because the pitch names are wrong... ex. you have C3 labeled on C2. They are all of by an octave.

I don't think so, C3 is C3. I checked it again.

2013.12.31'22:39 - Referral Page : Excellent binaural test, I thought someone was knocking on my door!

2013.12.19'22:04 - Referral Page : It's not a test of perfect pitch BECAUSE you've already said it's the C scale. I can get 10/10 because I can find where the semitones are between E-F and B-C. If you didn't cut out the black notes, I'd probably get zero.

Try the chromatic test, then.

2013.12.17'1:14 - Referral Page : I could hear 20HZ

2013.12.12'18:19 - Referral Page : That binaural test scared me like HELL!!!!!!!!! It was so realistic that I jumped off the chair. (I tested it at 8 PM... and I live on the 4th floor... just think about how horror it is on a time like that). I didn't know what would the test sound like.

2013.12.09'8:27 - Referral Page : Excellent :)

2013.12.08'14:41 - Referral Page : Hello, I do agree that it is strictly impossible to detect the abolute phase of a recording by single listening. BUT when listening to the same recording one pass with absolute phase "up" and the next with absolute phase "down" it becomes very obvious that one of the two is playing right and the other one is more on the dark side. but don't try with random A/B, you will be confused after 3 play... We are talking of phase coherent recording, indeed, no pan-mixing! best regards

2013.11.29'19:32 - Referral Page : Thank you

2013.11.24'17:36 - Referral Page : This is a JOKE. A bad joke. You need to take this site DOWN. It is irresponsible for people to think they can test their hearing online. I trained and worked as a recording engineer and I've also informally studied human perception and by any measure, this site is irresponsible.

You work*ed* as a recording engineer, I see ;-)

2013.11.24'15:01 - Referral Page : An excellent site for testing audio equipment. Nice work!

2013.11.22'4:11 - Referral Page : Please add a challenge to tell a high quality 320 kbit mp3 compared to a 24 bit 44.1/96 khz wav. From my experience it is impossible to discern the difference in ABX tests, but lots of people think they can.

Right now, my script can only compare .mp3s ... Sorry.

2013.11.21'12:22 - Referral Page : LOL

2013.11.21'10:30 - Referral Page : I was just truly amazed by the headphones binaural test. I seriously thought someone was knocking on my door :) really!

2013.11.14'6:20 - Referral Page : quick comment: I've worked with DAC's and ADC's at the chip level, and performed the exact same tests you show in your video. Your assertion that digitized signals are not stairsteps totally perplexed me--because I have seen the stairsteps at the output of my DAC's with my own eyes. You really should mention the bandwidth limiting output filter earlier in the video.

Sorry, there is no video on this site ;-) You must have been posting to the wrong site board. But I can tell to you: there is supposedy no stairsteps at the *ouput* of a DAC conveter. I truly believe so. We are in the analog world, and the low-pass filter at the DAC's output stage removes the steps. I guess you've seen the steps at the output of the "sample-and-hold" component of the DAC, not its output.

2013.11.13'13:50 - Referral Page : Very nice site, I'm particulary interested in the "Earplug reviews" page. The idea of listenning to the effect of an hearing protector is great. Thank you

2013.11.10'19:01 - Referral Page : If you hover over the play button, you can see the bit in the file name.

Yes, I know. I need to reprogram the complete blind test script to cure this. Will be done when I have the time.

2013.11.08'20:08 - Referral Page : Useful and easy! I suggest not using the word "flat" to mean "unchanging" -- I was confused at first (because of the musical context). Thanks!

2013.11.08'17:12 - Referral Page : This is pretty cool

2013.11.06'14:57 - Referral Page : well bass shaker test .. some ppl test it while headphones is connected to amp or avr .. at high volume it rattled my new x1 fidelio right speaker .. and on my friends x1 the left speaker rattled also at high volume .. so what is your opinion ?? i also tried a grado s80i and rattled but at a higher volume .. i think you should put a limit or caution as all these headphones tried are new .. or it means these headphones are bad quality ? heavy bass mp3 plays at max volume with no rattle

You have to put the headphones on your ears, during the test. Every headphone will rattle, if you leave on the table and put the volume to the max. And you may destroy your headphone's drivers too!

2013.11.05'9:37 - Referral Page :'s square wave looks exactly like's. Since I cannot download sawtooth und triangle tones from for free, I wanted to ask if those test tones on are exactly the same as on

Supposedly the same, yes.

2013.11.02'6:54 - Referral Page : Your test for audible frequency changes, 3dB, is showing the wrong score. It's painfully obvious which is which but your test isn't registering answers correctly.

You a kidding, right?

2013.10.30'2:47 - Referral Page : The samples in the blind test are a bit short. Although they're obviously intended to catch perceived differences that are quite obvious, after adjusting to their sudden start, you barely have chance to listen. Also, it'd be better if these files were PCM rather than MP3. (The relative effects of the encoding might give clues as to which is which, regardless the quality of encoding.)

2013.10.21'2:25 - Referral Page : I passed all the way to 20 kHz in about 7 minutes. I was clearly able to hear the difference up to 17 kHz (10/10 each time). Afterwards, I was able to cheat by timing the delay before each audio clip would play. While the unfiltered clips start immediately, the filtered clips have a short delay. Please fix this bug!

I did not notice any delay introduced by the filter, nor found any delay by looking into the audio file. I am puzzled...

2013.10.18'18:56 - Referral Page : Beautiful page - it tests most of the aspects of my earphone :) Thanks

2013.10.17'21:51 - Referral Page : The file names of the sound files reveals if the sound level is increased, decreased or flat. Every time I click on a play-button, this file name is shown to me by the browser. This would be a better blind test if such revealing file names were not used.

2013.10.06'15:06 - Referral Page : Awesome, thx for building it. i now can show my headphones can sound better.

2013.10.03'6:17 - Referral Page : Please include tests for left/right ear. Like ability to hear which side is louder, and which side have higher pitch. Also ability to log in, and save and share results would be cool. And see others people saved results, so you can show actually histogram, and how good somebody is. Options like age, sex and audio expirience could be filled in to. Thanks.

2013.10.03'2:55 - Referral Page : Cool

2013.10.03'0:07 - Referral Page : Very nice site, i thought
and asked my doctor that only babies can hear as low as 20Hz, I was wrong,or this audio interface ain't very accurate, which is quite good possible with the very low frequencies.

2013.10.01'5:13 - Referral Page : It is normal to experience ringing in the ears from this test?

Yes, and no. No, it is not normal, but yes, it is... only if you did listen to the test at exaggerated levels. The voice over should be comfortably loud, but not louder than that.

2013.09.19'21:56 - Referral Page : you should give some known headphones examples so people are able to compare the results

The page has been updated with some personal recommendations...

2013.09.13'10:59 - Referral Page : Brilliant! Been looking for ages for a page like this. Thanks!

2013.09.11'6:34 - Referral Page : Was totally blown away by the binaural test.

2013.08.30'23:45 - Referral Page : I am looking for a pair of in-ear binaural mics, and I was really impressed with the quality of your binaural test. Which equipment did you use?

Roland CS-10EM in combination with a Sony PCM-D50 digital recorder... then apply some tweaks on the recorded audio signal...

2013.08.19'4:26 - Referral Page : using Gangnam Style with all its digital sound doesn't make any sense for testing 8-bit versus 16-bit. You should use real analog instruments such as a piano or violin.

Then, the difference would become obvious, of course! The test is only meant to to raise the awareness of what has happened to our music dynamic range lately... nothing more ;-)

2013.08.13'12:44 - Referral Page : I used the sine tone gen. for a few frequencies. I went up to 19-20kHz, than I found out, that either my ears suck, or the speakers are garbage, since I could not hear anything above 19kHz. Is it possible your generator sucks rather than my ears?

Bug.... now corrected! Thanks for the feedback.

2013.07.31'9:09 - Referral Page : can you make it a bit clearer?

What do you mean? ;-)

2013.07.25'23:13 - Referral Page : On 'The Test', hovering over the link to play the sample gives the link as either ..gangnam8.. or ..gangnam16.. I think you'll have to write a javascript to interpret this, or have ten files, or even 20, and randomly pick from the pool of ..gangnam1.., ..gangnam2.., etc.

Yes, I know. Some browsers show the link, some other don't. Right now, I am using "Sound Manager 2" as a sound player. It works with audio file links. Until I program my own custom audio plug in, try not looking at those links... ;-)

2013.07.16'22:07 - Referral Page : Nice site!

2013.06.01'3:07 - Referral Page : one driver at a time full range sweep

2013.05.30'19:16 - Referral Page : The link at the bottom points to the Pink Noise instead, but when I changed the URL manually, I was able to download the Brown Noise ;)

You're clever ;-) Thanks, the URL has now been fixed!

2013.05.29'18:41 - Referral Page : Hi there, wonderful site. Was wondering if you knew where I could get a set of speakers that I am thinking of branding tested here in the states. Thanks

Pardon my non-nativeness... I am not sure I understand your question. What do you mean by "branding tested"? Please feel free to send an email to me... (stephane@audioch...)

2013.05.27'21:44 - Referral Page : First of all great website! It's really helped me learn to the subtle differences between frequencies and I would definitely donate $ if there was an option to do so. A way this site could be improved in my opinion is if there was another set of freq boosts/notches tests that went by the instrument instead of the whole mix. Ie "which instrument is boosted at what freq by 6 db" or something like that. Obviously you guys would know a better way to go about it but that would be very helpful!

I will think about it, but I am afraid I do not have access to the individual tracks anymore...

2013.05.15'10:40 - Referral Page : Very nice ! Thank you Sir!

2013.05.13'2:37 - Referral Page : My hearing cuts off pretty dramatically at 8k. i did the Hi frequency test with the threshold set to 12k and passed. But I believe I did this mainly by sensing a boost in volume at the low frequencies. So I'm guessing that the total power is held constant? Or is it an illusion on my part?

I checked both audio files using a spectrum analyzer: the lower frequencies are exactly the same (= there is no boost) - only the frequencies above 12 kHz are missing in one of the files. So it must be an illusion, indeed ;-)

I didn't mean to suggest there was a slope. If I take the full spectrum and create a new signal by cutting off all above 12 k, but keep total power the same, then everything below 12 k rises equally. true? Is that happening?

I didn't keep the total power the same: so there is no rise below 12k. So, the audible components should be at the same level. If you can hear a difference in levels, it means that your ears are able to sense something above 12k

2013.05.05'1:58 - Referral Page : My name is Norberto Amaral and I have been invited to give a talk in TEDxLuanda in Luanda, Angola. I would like to use two sound files I got from this website (...) in my presentation and kindly request your permission to do so. This is a non-commercial event and I am NOT earning any money, nor anyone in the event's organization. Thank you for your time, Norberto

Yes, everyone is welcome to use audio files from this website, as long as they make no personal profit using these. Reference or credits to the website are welcome, but not mandatory. I do also appreciate when people drop a little message, as you did. Thanks!

2013.05.04'13:05 - Referral Page : Have you thought about making these tests available as an iOS app? Or is there a test app that you would recommend?

I currently prefer spending time on adding new tests to this website, rather than developing an iOS app. But why not? Let me think about this... ;-)

2013.04.30'17:58 - Referral Page : Great page - cleared some of the stuff up with my system!

2013.04.26'15:36 - Referral Page : with reference to the table on this page surely the top row represents the 8th harmonic of the bottom row etc The bottom row being the fundamental or 1st harmonic the next row up is the 2nd harmonic, the next row the 4th harmonic, finally the 8th harmonic at 8 times the fundamental frequency. other harmonics will occur at 30, 50, 60, 70, Hz etc.
2nd Harmonic can also be known as 1st overtone.

Of course you are totally right. Thanks for pointing my mistake. Being non-native, I completely missed the difference between harmonics and overtone too. Now understood. Page has been updated. All harmonics are now available from the table.

2013.04.25'16:27 - Referral Page : What about front right, front left, and back right, back left?

As soon as I have found a multi-channel audio format compatible with online playback... Any help is welcome...

2013.04.22'0:27 - Referral Page : i can't hear my webpages

2013.04.06'4:09 - Referral Page : in reference to masking effect idea on 2013.02.11, see this graph

I'd like to make a blind test, as you suggested. However, there are so many variables to be tested: the masking frequency, the masked frequency and the relative amplitude. I don't want to generate separate files/tests for all possible combinations! And offering one of them is not very useful. Actually, the best tool to test masking is already available to you, in the "Generators" section: Dual Sine Generator. But I keep thinking about a blindtest...

2013.03.31'23:06 - Referral Page : These square/triangle/sawtooth generators have bad aliasing. Generate a square/saw/triangle wave at 15 kHz or so, and you can clearly hear all the aliased harmonics. You can see them on the spectrum too at -40 dBFS or so. Creating the waves through additive synthesis of sine waves up to fs/2 is the easiest way to avoid this.

Square/triangle/sawtooth generators have been designed with the lower frequencies in mind, and perform quite well actually, as benchmarked here. As you found out, only higher frequencies - such as 15 kHz - will suffer from higher aliasing levels. As you know, at those frequencies, only the fundamental should be heard: all other harmonics being higher than half of the Nyquist frequencies, will be filtred out. So, there is no objective reason to work at frequencies higher than 10 kHz with digital square/triangle/sawtooth waveforms: all should play a single sine wave. If this is the test tone you are looking for - a simple sine wave - simply use the sine generator, there will be no aliasing at all.

Actually, I am already using additive synthesis, but this is truly CPU intensive at lower frequencies (with up to thousands harmonics to generate, and more). Remember, this is a free tool offered to the community. Although using additive synthesis *only* was my first idea, I could't implement it online because of the CPU. I had compromize for speed. The compromize is as follow: use additive synthesis to build a wavetable on the fly, then use the wavetable and interpolation to build the desired waveform. This will perform really well at the frequencies where switching to square/triangle/sawtooth waveforms make sense. Unfortunately, at higher frequencies, interpolation generates some aliasing.

2013.03.26'10:34 - Referral Page : Pre-compiled audio test CD's

2013.03.23'20:52 - Referral Page : Really cool test! I got 17Khz !!!!

2013.03.22'4:42 - Referral Page : This site rules. Thank you so much!!

2013.03.17'22:56 - Referral Page : Cool site, thanks. Never would have guessed that English is your second language, didn't notice anything that needed correcting - better than most native English speakers!

2013.03.13'0:11 - Referral Page : Can the Quality test that is the bass shaker damage my headphones? I played it at high volume and could see the drivers under a lot of stress. I had rattling a few times but these are brand new headphones. Thanks

Such as the other tests, the Quality test is meant to be passed with the headphones on your head. You shouldn't look at the drivers...

2013.03.10'12:56 - Referral Page : This is a great test. However to a newbie it took me far too long to understand how to use it. This was probably because I started on a page where I could not hear the difference between the two types. The page should explicitly state something similar to the following in my opinion to make it abundantly clear.

Listen to the reference files of full range and the low-pass filtered noise. If you can hear a difference try the test otherwise pick a lower frequency. For the test, each of the 10 files is either a full range or a low-pass filtered noise. Listen carefully and pick one. You can replay the reference files above as a comparison when making your choices.

The page has been updated with a comment similar to yours. Thanks, your suggestion has been much appreciated!

2013.03.09'5:08 - Referral Page : its greAT

You mean, as great as GREAT? ;-) Thanks!

2013.03.06'14:39 - Referral Page : Timing Difference should be less than 0.5 ms. Find a sample at

Your comment is right. Speed of sound is 340 m/s. The average distance between ears is 0.2 m (20 cm). Time difference is: 0.2/340 = 0.0006 = 0.6 ms. However, the effect seems to work even better with a 10 ms delay (exactly like binoculars increase your stereoscopic vision). Although 0.6 ms is the theoretical maximum value, nothing forces you to use such a value. I couldn't achieve the "hard" panning I was looking for, with a delay as little as half a millisecond. Your sample confirms that the panning is not as strong. I updated the page though, with a comment related to the "absuive use" of those 10 ms.

2013.02.25'14:04 - Referral Page : Congratulations. Best online hearing test I have seen so far

2013.02.25'13:45 - Referral Page : Add test sounds for 4 channel stereo - 2 left, 2 right.

2013.02.16'10:44 - Referral Page : Great site, but unable to download Timing Difference and Low-Pass Filtering wav file under Stereo Perception and Sound Localization.

Fixed! Thanks.

2013.02.11'7:12 - Referral Page : How about some examples of masking effects.. like start out with a 1.2k tone and say 3k tone at same level and then keep running the 1.2k tone up in level, etc. you could do it for serveral frequenceis and would be really cool. thank you for the great site. Tom J. .

Good idea. However, the masking effect is often used on quantification noise (e.g. mp3 encoder), not the frequencies themselves. So, I wonder what kind of test signal I should use...

2013.02.08'14:54 - Referral Page : The test sweep file is encoded in a 192kbps MP3 file which has a low pass filter as well as a shelving filter to remove unnecessary audio data. Depending on the encoder presets, frequencies from 17-22kHz can be severely attenuated or even inaudible which affects the integrity of this test. If the file was recorded in PCM audio or saved as a WAV file, you can use FLAC encoding which is lossless compression(perfect audio data, but smaller file size).

The original file is PCM, and can be downloaded by clicking the download arrow next to the playable icon. Regarding the MP3 files, my encoder settings are such that no critical frequency has been attenuated. I am also using one of the best encoders available (Fraunhofer). Furthermore - when I compress a sound using the MP3 format - I always check the decoded file to ensure that all critical frequencies have been preserved. That's the reason why 192kbps has been used in this case (and 192kbps for a monoral file, that's a 384kbps stereo equivalent!). No reason to worry ;-)

2013.02.07'22:41 - Referral Page : Can you add more notes to perfect pitch test? Like three groups: C scale, chromatic scale and expanded chromatic scale (more than 1 octave)

I will think about it for a next update...

2013.02.06'15:11 - Referral Page : Just perfect, really. You are very professional and because it is easy to use your blind audio test, I learned how to answer correctly. I can answer 10/10 correctly now. Thanks.

Nice! The kind of comments that motivates me keeping the site running ;-)

2013.02.05'21:55 - Referral Page : I was doing your low frequency harmonic test, and I hear 10 hz. you say there is no way I hear it. Is it because of my earphones? Thanks.

This is the purpose of the test. As 10 Hz is truly impossible to hear, it then means that your audio system is producing distortion in the audible range. Maybe your headphones, maybe another piece of your audio equipment.

2013.02.03'19:49 - Referral Page : At what playback level (in Db) is your grey noise calibrated at?

No calibration there, just a dip in the 3k region, and exponential increase in the lower and upper frequencies.

2013.01.21'23:15 - Referral Page : This site would be even nicer if you provided the wav files along some sort of hash like md5 to reduce chances of corruption.

Downloads should be save, and audio file corruption -if it occurs - is plain to hear anyway. If it ever happens, just download the file again.

2012.12.30'0:24 - Referral Page : I think the dynamic range test is broken. The first and second sounds are the same for both NdB and Mute, for all dB levels.

I checked the test again, and for me, the test is working fine. Try the 36dB setting first. If you cannot hear any difference on this one, it could be that your listening environment suffers from a lot of background noise!

2012.12.29'22:38 - Referral Page : I scored 9 out of 10 in the frequency test at 10 k, but it's easy to tell because the filtered version is always louder. This is a bug in the test.

The filtred version is not louder, but the unfiltred version is, because of the added frequencies. If you can hear a loudness difference, you can use this as a cue to pass the blind test. This is not cheating, it really means that the filtred frequency components are still audible to you (otherwise, the perceived intensity would be the same).

2012.12.27'22:20 - Referral Page : left & right test files are the same, please update

Oooops! corrected... Thanks a lot!

2012.12.20'17:46 - Referral Page : This was very interesting. I was able to quantify how bad my hearing is at higher frequencies. Fortunately it is fine between 250 and 1K. Thanks for this resource.

2012.12.19'15:51 - Referral Page : Nice website with fun tests

2012.12.12'21:26 - Referral Page : Would it be possible to release a tool that creates a sweep tone in CSV format?

Thanks for leaving a message on 12.12.12 ;-) Yes, it is possible, but I'd like to understand what could be the use of such text-formatted data file, first. If this functionality can be useful to a wide audience, I can do it. Would you please contact me (Stephane) at . Thanks!

2012.12.05'23:45 - Referral Page : A surround sound test: Left, Right, Centre, Side Left, Side Right, Back Left, Back Right and LFE channels.

I thought of this, and I tried implement this test using the .wav format. Unfortunately, it seems that such a format is not widely recognized. What receivers expect is a propriatary DTS/Dolby/... format. If someone can share a hint how to implement this, through this website, please contact me (Stephane) at . Thanks!

2012.11.25'17:15 - Referral Page : Could you test the Quies Confort foam earplugs? I believe the announced -35db nrr is really optimistic especially on low frequencies.

Yes, it is possible. I will contact you by email.

2012.11.02'7:41 - Referral Page : what program was used for mp3 compression (using Fraunhofer it seems)?

Adobe Audition (= Fraunhofer license indeed).

2012.10.20'4:27 - Referral Page : How can i do linear combination of single tone signals in you website.

The combination is linear (sum of the two sine components) but the weights are expressed in decibels. You only need to convert the linear coefficients into decibels: 1 → 0 dBFS, 0.5 → -6 dBFS, 0.25 → -12 dBFS, etc...

2012.10.19'2:32 - Referral Page : Outstanding Page and Tests... Thanks a Bunch DJTunes of California

2012.10.17'12:17 - Referral Page : Very nice!!

2012.10.15'14:35 - Referral Page : Haha, I only started hearing anything at 130Hz on my laptop speakers xD I heard the man's voice fairly clearly though. ( Was the sound not at the same volume as the man's voice..? Maybe this can be changed so people don't have to crank their speakers up possibly..? And every sound is the same volume? Or is that even possible? ) Hmm. And I'm fairly young too, 20..and my speakers are sonicmaster's by ASUS on my ASUS N53SV-A1. Just thought I'd give some feedback on this, thanks for reading. ^_^

Every sound is the same volume, definitely, but the impression will be as you describe: the level seems to get louder as the frequency increases. The explanation is 1/ the frequency response of your speakers 2/ the increased sensitivity of our ears in the midrange frequencies.

2012.09.24'13:34 - Referral Page : Love that binaural part, very nice!

2012.09.21'16:23 - Referral Page : The "blue play button" is not on the the right hand side! It's on the left!!!

As the result of recent change in the icon placement... combined with my dyslexia! Now corrected, thanks ;-)

2012.09.19'23:41 - Referral Page : This is a treasure trove! Well done, I'll keep coming back. Sadly I still suck at the EQ exercises. Cheers, Sigi

I am stuck too, which is even more frustrating being the owner/designer of this site ;-) Thank you for your kind words, Sigi! It helps keeping the site growing.

2012.08.14'10:41 - Referral Page : I got to 16kHz before I heard the noise, but my dog nearly took out my laptop the minute I clicked play.

2012.08.08'7:47 - Referral Page : Hello. Your site is excellent but could you make it HTML5 compliant. And i mean with open source formats and the appropriate tags. Thanks.

According to, the site is compliant with html5 except for the addthis social plug-in. Regarding the open source formats, .ogg is not supported by IE, unfortunately. Instead, we use a combination of .mp3 and .wav, which should play fine in all web browsers, sometimes with the help of Flash though (we use the SoundManager library). As for the appropriate tags, your help/hints are welcome ;-) Please do not hesitate to send us an email. Thank you!

2012.08.07'0:57 - Referral Page : "Hz" as shibboleth, cute

2012.08.02'11:34 - Referral Page : Sometimes in this hobby, it is good to do a reality check!

2012.07.27'08:40 - Referral Page : Literally a treasure trove of information

2012.07.25'23:53 - Referral Page : OK;)

2012.07.25'22:24 - Referral Page : I have one receiver and two sets of speakers. Now I know which I'll use in the new place. Thank you!

2012.07.23'18:15 - Referral Page : Very interesting totally subjective test signals. Thanks!

2012.07.22'07:49 - Referral Page : Audio experts should stay away from this site, as it will prove how good their ears really are!

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