Instructions burning your custom Audio Test CD

How to make this site playable offline...

...without any Internet connection, web browser, or a computer? A miracle? No, a CD player! Burning an audio CD is hardly rocket science these days. Why wouldn't you consider designing your own?

Using a CD to play audio may sound old fashion nowadays, but it is still the best, most affordable and easiest way to reproduce uncompromised audio signals. Why would you sacrifice sound quality, when this site gives you access to high quality, uncompressed .wav files?

There are a lot of commercial test tone CDs available, but none will exactly suit your requirements. Useful though these commercial discs are, the range of technical test tracks is often inappropriate for your needs.

We invite you to discover our vast collection of Sound Tests and Audio Test Tones and to collect the files that meet your demand. Simply click the little down arrow ↓ associated with each sound to trigger a high quality .wav file download straight to your disk. Once all the files have been collected, simply follow the instructions listed on this page: your audio test CD is less than half a step away!

Demanding users may alternatively use our various Online Function Generators and start designing their own custom tones. For example, a sub-woofer test CD may consist of a series of ultra-low sine tones spaced 1 Hz apart, which will hardly be found, even among our existing collection. Our generators will make them available to you as .wav downloads, in a breeze!

Burning a test CD with Windows Media Player (PC)

  1. Open Windows Media Player.

  2. Insert a blank disk into your CD drive.

  3. Click the "Burn" tab at the top of the screen. Press the "Burn Options" button and select "Audio CD" (should be the default option).

  4. Drag your .wav files onto the main screen, NOT the CD pane located at the right. Windows Media Player 11 will not accept WAV files for burning if they are dragged straight into a burn list without having previously been loaded into Media Player. From the main window, select the files again and drag them in the burn list where the user interface tells you to "Drag items here".

  5. Burn your audio test CD by clicking the "Start Burn" button.

Burning a test CD with iTunes (MAC/PC)

  1. Open iTunes.

  2. Insert a blank disk into your CD drive.

  3. Drag your .wav files into the iTunes library.

  4. Create a new burn playlist by clicking "File" > "New Playlist", name your list and press "Enter".

  5. Burn your audio test CD by selecting "File" > "Burn Playlist to Disk".

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