The 16-bit v/s 8-bit Blind Listening Test

Can you hear the difference? Of course... you can't.

This provocative test serves two purposes: to raise the awareness of what has happened to our music's dynamic range lately, and to question the need for a 24-bit digital audio as a delivery format in such a context.

Differences between 8-bit audio files and 16-bit are audible though - and are demonstrated here - but only marginally when it comes to most of the music that people are listening to nowadays.

Files being tested

One of the world's biggest modern hits - Psy's Gangnam Style - with its original 16-bit version, and its 8-bit down-converted sibling.

16-bit 8-bit

You like classic rock music better? This other test (Neil Young) is for you.

The Test

For each column, tick the appropriate radio button. When you have labeled all 10 files, click the "Submit" button to obtain your score. Reload the page as often as you want to perform new tests.


If you didn't pass this test with a score equal to 9 or higher, you possibly can't make any difference.

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