Blind testing a 10c Pitch Difference (Sawtooth version)

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How good are you at spotting pitch (frequency) differences?

Files being tested

10c Up [saw] 10c Down [saw] 440Hz Flat [saw]
The first audio file plays back a 440Hz sine tone characterized by a sudden increase in pitch occuring after 1s (10cent in this case). The second file introduces a decrease in pitch by the same amount. The third one is flat.

The presence of harmonics in the sawtooth tone makes this test easier than our original test. To go back to our original sine tone test, click here

The Test

For best results, please use headphones to perform this test. Avoid using multiple speakers (a single speaker is OK) as the relative phase between the speakers will introduce frequency-dependent level changes. These changes in perceived loudness may help you to spot inaudible frequency changes.

For each column, tick the appropriate radio button. When you have labeled all 10 files, click the "Submit" button to obtain your score. Reload the page as often as you want to perform new tests.

 10c Up [saw]  
 10c Down [saw]  
 440Hz Flat [saw]  

If you didn't pass this test with a score equal to 9 or higher, you possibly reached the limit of your hearing.

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