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Welcome to Audio Check

Test your audio equipment, online

AudioCheck gives you access to an extensive collection of sound tests, playable online and downloadable in high-quality for patrons. The audio material provided here will help you assess the audio equipment connected to your computer. Using this website, you will be able to:

  • Test your hearing, speakers, headphones, digital-to-analog converters... and more!
  • Design your own sound tests using our high quality waveform generators.
  • Download our sound files to your favorite audio player, and use your player as a portable audio test device.

These tests are for personal and educational use only. No commercial use is allowed without permission.


This site is organized into four main sections, accessed from the top menu.

  • Sound Tests — Our themed sound tests, playable directly from your web browser.
  • Test Tones — Individual audio test tones, for experts.
  • Tone Generator — Generate custom audio test tones on the fly, download them as high quality .wav files.
  • Blind Tests — Critical listening tests and audio training files for sound and studio engineers!

Quick Sound Check and Browser Compatibility Test


To confirm your browser compatibility with the html5 audio standard used on this site, click the play button and listen: Do you hear the associated voiceover? If you are a patron, does clicking the download button trigger a high quality .wav file download?

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Loud sounds can cause equipment/hearing damage with even a single, brief exposure. Always turn your audio system level down to a reasonable level, before playing our sound files.

Help Me Help You!

Is AudioCheck free? Not for me. Your support keeps this site running. Any donation will be rewarded with • uncompressed .wav file download for every test (a download arrow will appear next to each sound icon) • increased durations and sample rates up to 192 kHz in the Tone Gen section • and, best of all, the removal of these pesky payment buttons below 😜

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