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Waveform Generator
Also known as a test oscillator, function generator or waveform generator, a signal generator delivers an accurately calibrated output with adjustable frequency and amplitude. provides various signal generators optimized for use in audio and acoustics applications. Those specialized signal generators are often referred to as tone generators.

Generating waveforms properly is not an easy task. Our generators deliver the purest tones instead of the best-looking waveforms. Check our explanation and benchmark here.


Unlike our other sections, the output of our tone generators will be downloaded straight to your computer as a .wav file. In other words, our waveform generators will generate high quality sound files, but won't play them online, ensuring the highest sound quality one can obtain on a computer.

If you are looking to play audio tones straight from your web browser, please refer to our section labelled Sound Tests & Audio Test Tones.

Fixed Frequency Audio Signal Generators

Single Frequency

Dual Frequency

Variable Frequency (sweep) Audio Signal Generators

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  • wavTones : the professional online test tone generator, with sample rates up to 96 Khz.
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