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Dual Frequency Generator (IMD Tests)



A dual frequency tone generator will help you design your own IMD tests or experience the beat of two oscillators.

A beat is an interference between two sounds of slightly different frequencies, perceived as periodic variations in volume whose rate is the difference between the two frequencies (e.g. 440 Hz + 442 Hz at the same level will produce a 2 Hz beat).

File Generator

Dual Tone Generator
Frequency 1 Up to SampleRate/2 Hz
Frequency 2 Up to SampleRate/2 Hz
Level 1 -72 ... 0 dBFS
Level 2 -72 ... 0 dBFS
Duration 0.01 ... 10 s
Sample Rate 8 ... 48 kHz

Generating and downloading uncompressed files has a cost to me. Help me keeping this feature alive by supporting my work. Thank you!

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