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Sweep (Chirp) Tone Generator


A Classic
Sweep Tone

Sweep tones are often used for frequency response analysis in association with a spectrum analyser, or by ear when detecting resonances.

Our sweep generator works from 0 Hz (DC) up to 24 kHz (with a 48 kHz Sample Rate) and offers both linear and logarithmic time scales.

Tone duration can be as short as 10ms (0.01s). In such a case, the continuous sweep degenerates into a short "burst" of sound, often referred as a chirp.

When analyzing the sweep by ear, audible markers can be added for your convenience by checking the 'Mark' box. When markers are enabled, short pulses will be generated every 10 Hz (up to 90 Hz), 100 Hz (from 100 Hz to 900 Hz) and 1000 Hz (from 1000 Hz and upwards). By counting the pulses, you will be able to find where a resonance occurs.

File Generator

Sweep Tone Generator
Start Frequency Up to SampleRate/2 Hz
Stop Frequency Up to SampleRate/2 Hz
Level -72 ... 0 dBFS
Duration 0.01 ... 10 s
Sample Rate 8 ... 48 kHz
Log Sweep Switch to Logarithmic Sweep mode
Markers Add audible markers every 10/100/1000 Hz

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