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Brown Note


Toilet Paper

The brown note is supposed to be the resonant frequency of the human digestive system, somewhere in the sub-sonic range. When played back loudly enough, this note possibly may cause a loss of sphincter control... Different versions of the myth place the frequency between 2 and 20 Hz, and recent variations claim that the effect has been produced at loud rock concerts.

By extension, the term also refers to any infrasound note that can create disorientation or nausea. Not to be confused with the brown noise.

The Sound File

Brown Note (Sine 7Hz, -3dBFS)

Ensure that your subwoofer extension is low enough to reproduce sub-sonic frequencies — usually they won't go that low — then play back the file at maximum level. You won't hear anything but may suffer from (back) side effects...

Alternatively, you can produce your custom brown notes online, using our Waveform Generator. Try experimenting with a sine wave first, and frequencies around 2-20 Hz.

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Our brown noise sample file has been generated using wavTones' professional grade Brown Noise Generator.

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