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Dynamic Test Tones


Nowadays, much emphasis is placed on 24-bit recordings, with a dynamic range exceeding 140dB. Use these test tones to realize how 16-bit supersedes by far the dynamic range offered by your listening environment.

At 20 bits, you are on the verge of dynamic range covering fly-farts-at-20-feet to intolerable pain. Really, what more could we need?
[a quote from the internet]


Determine how much dynamic range is masked by your room's noise floor.

The sound files

6dB 12dB 18dB 24dB 30dB
36dB 42dB 48dB 54dB 60dB
66dB 72dB 78dB Mute

Each file alternately plays pink noise at a full scale level followed by the same pink noise at a number of decibels below the full scale, twice. The level difference is indicated beneath each file. The last file alternates the full scale pink noise with digital silence (mute).

Depending upon your listening environment, as you progress through the series in descending order, you will reach a point at which the alternate tone can be no longer distinguished from digital silence. At that point, the dynamic range available in your environment has been reached.

Confirm the results of this test with our blind test series.

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Higher Sample Rates (up to 192 kHz)


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