Discriminative Frequency Training - Full Octave Notches

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Equalization (EQ) refers to the process of altering the frequency response of an audio system or a sound file. EQ can be used for esthetic reasons or to compensate for unwanted bumps or holes in the audio spectrum.

The following files will help you to discriminate missing frequencies across the audible range. By training your ears to recognize those missing frequency bands, you will acquire the ability to locate unwanted frequency dips by ear and find the correct EQ fix in one go.

Training Files

Listen to each file and associate the missing octave band with the value of its center frequency.

31.5 Hz 63 Hz 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz
1 kHz 2 kHz 4 kHz 8 kHz 16 kHz

Test Files

For each column, tick the appropriate radio button. When you have labeled all 10 files, click the "Submit" button to obtain your score. Reload the page as often as you want to perform new tests.

 31.5 Hz  
 63 Hz  
 125 Hz  
 250 Hz  
 500 Hz  
 1 kHz  
 2 kHz  
 4 kHz  
 8 kHz  
 16 kHz  

Once you have succeeded in getting 9 or higher without listening to the individual labeled files during the test, your training will have been successfully completed.

Let's have a test on a real music signal now...

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